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Real Estate Termite And Moisture Reports

Most termites are attracted to moist wood in your home or business. From over-watered decorative trees to beams that are saturated because of seepage behind a wall, there are often multiple risks on each property. Termites cost Americans billions of dollars in cumulative damages each year. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not usually cover the cost of damages associated with these pests. Lost productivity at work, destroyed home furniture and damaged wood on your foundation are just a few examples of possible damages.

Regular Inspections

Think of termite prevention as your annual wellness checkup. While there may not be a problem at the moment, you want to know if you are at risk for one. Just as a major preventable health problem could cost you thousands of dollars in lost time from work, expensive medical treatments and medications, a termite infestation is a costly but preventable problem. You may have to tear down walls, replace expensive support beams or pay for new textiles. These processes cost thousands of dollars and may force you out of your home for a week or longer. 

Dampwood termites and subterranean termites like wet or rotting wood. However, subterranean termites will chew dry wood too. Also, drywood termites will destroy beams, furniture, paper and textiles. They may ruin your wallpaper, important documents or even priceless family photos. While any type of termite infestation is significant, subterranean termites are especially damaging. They destroy wood aggressively and are known for building enormous colonies quickly. 

The most unfortunate part of a termite problem is that it usually goes undetected until it is severe. Termites are elusive and chew wood from behind the walls or the front-facing sides of visible beams in your home or garage. Our professionals know how to identify any size of termite problem. When we visit your property, we look for common signs of termites, which include the following:

  • Mud tubes
  • Shed wing piles
  • Gnawed wood
  • Hollow-sounding wood

Also, we assess your property for signs of excessive moisture. Water stains on the ceiling, mold growth, clogged gutters and roof leaks are often tied to excessive moisture. We find the source and explain the issue to you during the visit. You receive an immediate report that includes a plan to fix the issue. 

Fixing The Problem

While termites may be attracted to wood that is wet, excessive moisture and termites are two separate problems. Our solution to remove the wood-destroying pests includes a liquid substance that kills their entire colony quickly. Although you may have costly damages to address afterward, the good news is that we offer an affordable warranty with our service. The warranty includes prevention of future infestations with a special treatment plan. 

In addition to preventing termites, we minimize the source of attraction by installing moisture control products. Dehumidifiers, sump pumps and other devices may be recommended depending on your situation. These also help prevent other problematic pests and mold, which is also not typically covered by insurance. If you own a home or business in Richmond, our services help you save money. Call Accel Pest & Termite Control for a free estimate.